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The German Arms was originally established in Hahndorf back in 1839. The historic establishment has operated as a hotel for the past 163 years. In 1990, the hotel was completely renovated using Over 500 year old timbers salvaged from an old wool store in Port Adelaide. The floors, ceilings, stairs, beams, pillars, bars and even tables have been made from these beautiful recycled timbers.

Throughout the 1830’s religious persecution occurred in Brandenburg, Posen and Silesia (eastern Germany), forcing some hundreds of Lutherans to flee the suffering. Many of these settled in the area we know as Hahndorf. The epic journey of these early settlers across the world and their European origins form the very foundation of Hahndorf.

Since re-opening, the German Arms has been six times winner “best hotel in S.A.” For standards of excellence in tourism and hospitality: 1991-1996 and the inaugural 1994 hotel industry award for “outstanding contribution to the hospitality industry”. In 2002 the German arms hotel under went another renovation, Installing international standard bars. The carpet incorporating the German emblem, which symbolizes the German Arms Hotel, was designed and woven especially for the German Arms. The gaming lounge was also a major part of the hotel renovations, these renovations. Bring the hotel to the world class standard. The German Arms has complemented the town of Hahndorf by offering quality products, high service levels & tourism hospitality to the S.A.

Now part of the Francis Hotel Group, new management have brought a new life into the hotel. All day dining, gaming, Tab facilities, takeaway bottle shop, Drink specials, dinner specials & daily specials featuring local produce. The wood fires and outdoor dining all add to the atmosphere. Kids menus & functions packs are available; a historic place for all occasions.

We hope you enjoy the history and atmosphere, our outstanding food and warm hospitality will make you want to keep coming back to The German Arms Hotel.